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Next steps to adopt a Santa's letter through Santa's Knights!

Thank you so much for choosing to adopt a letter/letters through Santa's Knights this year! Santa's Knights is receiving an unprecedented number of letters online this year and so we have to try and automate the Santa's letters process as much as possible! Adopting a letter is now easier and more automated than ever before! You are also welcome to donate to our mission through PayPal Giving Fund at this link.

Here are the steps to adopt any amount of letters that you'd like:

For letters with Amazon Wishlists:

1) Go to this link to see the letters with Amazon Wishlists from across the US

2) After you've found the letter that you'd like to adopt, please click on the Amazon Wishlist posted in the forum post, and purchase the gifts from their Amazon Wishlist (that you feel comfortable purchasing). Please do not feel pressured to spend more than $20-$50 per letter/gift that you adopt! It's up to you! Those gifts will get sent directly to the children/families/adults that wrote the Amazon Wishlist! Thank you!

3) Please then log in to your Santa's Knights account (or create an account - as easy as one-click if you're logged into Facebook) and then post on that forum post "Adopted" as a comment. Please click on this link as an example. We won't know that the letter was adopted unless you write on that forum post, "Adopted"! Once some of the gifts are purchased on an Amazon Wishlist, we consider that letter complete, whether you purchased just one gift on the list or all of them

Alternatively, for letters without Amazon Wishlists:


4) If instead of an Amazon Wishlist, you'd like to choose unique gifts yourself, we have letters from children that wrote us letters from two low-income housing projects/community centers that Santa's Knights' free martial arts and fitness program serves in Harlem, NYC. Please look below at the photo gallery (to the bottom-right) for these letters. To mark these letters as adopted, once you've chosen the letter(s) that you'd like, please log into your Santa's Knights account (or create an account - as easy as one-click if you're logged into Facebook) and comment on the photo in the gallery, "Adopted". Please then mail the gift(s) to: Santa's Knights, 320 Manhattan Avenue, #35, New York, NY 10026. We will then process them, when we receive them, and get them to the children/families at our annual holiday event in mid-December!

Thank you! This is a new (more automated) process this year, and we will continue along the path of becoming more automated every year, to make this more accessible to more families every year, going forward. Thank you for being part of this magical journey with us this year, and hopefully for many more years into the future! Thank you and Happy Holidays from Santa's Knights!

With Amazon Wishlists

Without Amazon Wishlists