Adopting Letters

Please do not feel pressured to spend more than $20-$50 per letter/gift that you adopt! You're welcome to spend more if you'd like, and less if you need to! Please be thoughtful about your gifts - that is the most important part! Thank you!

You're also welcome to just donate money as well if you'd rather not go through the process of adopting a specific letter! If so, please just click on the "Donate now with PayPal" button above. Thank you!

Please find the number associated with each letter that you'd like to adopt by clicking on the picture of the letter. Then, in the "Which letters would you like to adopt" field below, please write in each individual letters' number that you'd like to adopt. When finished with your selections, please click on the "Complete Adoption" button below.

We'll write you back and confirm with you about the letters that you selected, and then you're welcome to go find the gifts! Thank you!

Thank you for adopting!

Letters for the 2021 holiday season will be posted very soon! Please stay tuned! We are getting a tremendous amount of letters in already, and are trying to process them all right now! Thank you!