Damion DiGrazia

Founded in 2015 by Damion DiGrazia, Santa's Knights is a service-disabled military veteran founded non-profit, 501(c)(3), that is tax-exempt federally and in the State of New York. Damion was inspired to create Santa's Knights by his own experience as an impoverished child that received a very thoughtful gift from Operation Santa Claus (through the U.S. Post Office) and also how when he received a career-altering injury in the line-of -duty in the military, from which he eventually recovered years later through the pursuit of martial arts, endurance training, and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). After a career on Wall Street, and a bachelor's and master's at Ivy League universities, and also teaching martial arts for 5+ years on the side, Damion realized his passion was to create a free platform/program for people to be able to pursue their best-selves through martial arts and fitness. Combining all of these factors was how Santa's Knights was born and continues to thrive and grow every day! We welcome you in any way that you would like to be involved!