Gladiators NYC™

Gladiator Bootcamp™; Gladiator Kids™

Gladiator HIIT™ (High-Intensity Interval Training), endurance training, hand-to-hand combat training, weapons and armor techniques, music, energetic instructors with headsets and awesome mindsets: whatever the reasons why you come to Gladiators NYC, you will enjoy yourself, learn, and grow as an athlete and fighter. For all ages and all levels, Gladiators NYC is taught/lead by two contestants from the History Channel's Knight Fight TV show. Ultimately, you can even work your way to joining Gladiators NYC's fight team, and fight in Armored Combat Worldwide's league of fighters, if that's what you would like to do - but of course there is no pressure either way!


You can come for one of the reasons above, or all of them. Either way, you are welcome, and encouraged to come to our classes. The classes offered through Santa's Knights are free and vehicles of empowerment for anyone in the NYC community, or from anywhere in the world, to come, regardless of economic or social situation. We have a no- questions-asked policy for you to attend classes for FREE! You're welcome to donate to Santa's Knights, but if not, that is totally alright! Please just come to class and help yourself reach your best potential!

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This is the address of our classes:

Manhattanville Community Center,

530 West 133rd Street

New York, NY 10027


Phone. (212) 873-5818

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