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Dec 21, 2023
In Letters with Amazon Wishlists
Dear Santa,   2023 has been a really bad year for me.  I have no job at this time. Zero income. No savings. No working telephone.  No running car either.  I had worked nearly 7 days a week for almost 6 years, sometimes double shifts on the weekends to pay my bills.  I also did so to help my terminally ill disabled sister, her daughter and her two children.  Got all caught up on everything and then tragedy struck.  I had a bad slip and fall accident that resulted in a concussion, neck, and back injury with nerve compression.  The vertigo was horrible and not being able to balance properly has taken its toll on me mentally, physically and financially.  I had a scumbag attorney and a deceitful employer.  I got behind on everything and was then evicted from my own property and ended up homeless living in my car that had no rear brakes.  Now it does not run.  I had no place to go and ended up in a shelter that has placed me in their housing program.  I am so thankful, but I am still in dire need.  My food stamps got cut off too and I have been utilizing the local food pantries.  I go to church and pray every day hoping for a miracle or two.  I have been as good as I can be given my circumstances.  It is hard.  I cry every day. Would you please help me?  I need: a.     A prepaid Tracphone smartphone that has unlimited talk and text messages (an unlimited talk and text minutes card) b.     Some gift cards that would help me to buy some of the everyday necessities that I need:  Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Kohl’s, Walgreen’s c.      Some food gift cards for an occasional night out: Culver’s McDonalds, Burger King, Arby’s, Portillo’s, Subway, Panera Bread or Panda Express d.     Some grocery store gift cards:  Jewel, Osco, Aldi, or Mariano’s   I would be most thankful, grateful and appreciative for anything that I receive. God bless and may 2024 be a better year for everyone.   Thank you, Kathy Grevas 2130 Prentiss Dr. Apt. R-205 Downers Grove, Illinois 60516
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