Write a Letter


Next steps for your Santa's letter through Santa's Knights!

Santa's Knights is receiving an unprecedented number of letters online this year and so we have to try and automate the Santa's letters process as much as possible! Thus, there is a new process this year that we'll have to ask you to accomplish for us!


Please follow these steps to get your letter(s) into our online Santa's letters program this year:

1) Please go to this link


2) Click on "New Letter to Santa!"


3) Log in to your account on Santa's Knights or create a new one


4) Look at this link as an example of what your post should look like when completed


5) In "Give this post a title" please write in this format your city and state: City, State (please abbreviate the state, e.g. "NY")


6) In "Write your post here" please post the URL to an Amazon Wishlist that you created (you can see this link for help on how to create an Amazon Wishlist on Amazon)


7) Please write a hand-written, physical letter to Santa and take a picture of it with your phone/camera (please do NOT include your, or your child's, last name or mailing address in your physical letter or online post!)


8) It's best to keep your request to $20-50 in total value of gifts per child/person, for a better chance of matching with a donor, though we will try our best to match you no matter what your request is!

9) If you're the parent/guardian/adult, you're welcome to use this page to ask for gifts for your family. If you are a child, please make sure that you get permission from your parent(s)/guardians first before sending us your request(s), as even Santa has to respect the laws and regulations and wishes of all homes and people! Moreover, for you to create the necessary Amazon Wishlist, Amazon's terms of service state that anyone under the age of 18 can only use their service with "the involvement of a parent or guardian."


10) In "Write your post here" click the camera icon ("Add an image") and upload the picture of your physical letter to Santa into the post, right under your Amazon Wishlist URL link


11) "Click "Publish"


With this new, more automated, system, your letter will get posted on our site instantly and when someone gets you a gift from your Amazon Wishlist it will get sent directly to your home.

We can't guarantee your gift requests will get adopted by someone, but we will try everything we can to try and make that happen and help bring you and your family some more cheer this holiday season!


We look forward to being on this magical journey with you again this season!


Happy Holidays from Santa's Knights!