Santa's Knights

The Gift of Martial Arts

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Santa's Knights

The Gift of Martial Arts™

Santa's Knights' mission is to bring free martial arts, fitness, and activities to everyone, equitably, transcending socioeconomic, racial, and location boundaries, positively changing children's and adults' lives through exposure and lifestyle enhancement. Not only do we create and grow an environment and ecosystem of free martial arts and fitness, but also hundreds of children receive thoughtful gifts at large end-of-year events and throughout the year through our letters to Santa program! Our main focus is Harlem, NYC, but all are welcome and encouraged to join us in our classes and our mission.

A featured activity: Gladiator Kids /

Gladiator Bootcamp

Modern-methods; gladiatorial awakening; undeniable results

Inspired by classes such as Barry's Bootcamp®, SoulCycle®, and GRIT BXNG®, Gladiator Kids (for children) and Gladiator Bootcamp (for adults) teaches students how to fight as an armored combatant (using foam weapons and armor to train with) in the style of high-energy, high-intensity, non-stop, music-driven, headset-wearing instructors, bringing gladiatorial and medieval training into the modern age of fitness and martial arts practice. 

Classes with Santa's Knights!