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Below are the current classes being offered with Santa's Knights! We're continually adding more offerings - please bookmark this page, keep coming back, and book all the classes that you'd like online or through the app!

All classes are 100% FREE, 100% of the time, no-questions-asked!

If you'd like to donate, please feel free to sign up for one of our monthly donation plans!100% of what you contribute goes to the non-profit and is 100% fully tax-deductible as it is completely a charitable contribution to the public charity, 501(c)(3), mission of Santa's Knights! There is, of course, no pressure to donate anything and we'd like you with us in any way that you are able (student, volunteer, patron, etc.)! Thank you for your participation in any way that you can be involved! The mission continues!

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Use the app to register for and manage your classes! The app is 100% FREE, always!


Join us on mobile!

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