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I am A single mom 6 children and My eldest son is autistic. My other boys are dealing with PTSD and other emotional.

Problems due to What we have gone through i also have Beautiful little girls who are so sweet and i wish i could take the pain away from them every tear fear and every nightmare We have lost so much It really feels like god is testing me and I am very sick. my youngest daughter who is 2 is afraid If I leave the house that I won't come back Because she knows I am sick and is afaird i will not come back My children are my heart and I can honestly say that I'm just so thankful that they are in my life. Because of them, I stay strong and due my best to keep myself healthy. And I won't stop fighting We lost their father last year due to a car accident and now i find out im a sick now I have to get my affairs in order And idea is so much stress and worry. I need to give them this Christmas. Because I due not know how many more there will be. Dude to my sickness All I ask is that they have Christmas presents, and this be the best christmas ever even through it will not be from me it'll be from very generous people Who care And for

that thank you Whatever you Can give That is all I ask. I just finished being so sick the whole week. Being extremely sick and in the hospital with my children worrying they do not deserve this help make this an amazing christmas That would mean everything to me Just one day we can pretend everything it's fine


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